Quickie review: The Songs of Madosini documentary series at the vNAF at the Virtual National Arts Festival Curated Programme

AmaMpondo musician Madosini [full name Madosini Latozi Mpahleni-she is known as Madosini]is featured in this short documentary which is streaming on the vNAF (Virtual National Arts Festival) Curated Programme- extended until July 31, 2020.The vFringe has also been extended until July 31,2020.

Madosini is the 2020 National Arts Festival Featured Artist. The celebrated musician speaks isiXhosa and is known for her dynamic musicality and stage presence. She plays a range of so-called indigenous instruments such as the uhadi (musical bow) and umrhube (mouthbow).

The NAF is releasing a series of 11 episodes (released each day of the festival) which provide insights into her work. She is placed in various settings – studio, concerts and in conversations with others. I watched episode 4 – Iparadis in which we see Robert Brooks talking about Madosini’s incredible artistry and that she has performed with MIAGI [Music Is A Great Investment] the musical incubator that he operates with his wife, the Finnish born, musician Ingrid Hedlund.

In this episode, we see classical composer Hans Huyssen talking about his artistic collaboration with Madosini. Huyssen composed The Songs of Madosini – which is available on CD. The series of doccies was put together during lockdown. Madosini was ill in hospital for five weeks and unavailable for filming. Archival footage had to be used. In this episode, the NAF, thanks film maker Sara Gouveia for her footage of Madosini.

I was privileged to see on Madosini once, in concert. She is a dynamic performer. I look forward to watching the rest of this series. It is wonderful that the NAF is playing tribute to this great creative, in its digital festival.

Direct link to The Songs of Madosini episode 4: https://nationalartsfestival.co.za/show/songs-are-like-the-grass-madosini-in-concert-episode-four/

Link to the National Arts Festival 2020 on TheCapeRobyn: https://thecaperobyn.co.za/national-arts-festival-2020-vnaf-streaming-from-south-africa/

Link to the NAF website: https://www.nationalartsfestival.co.za Note: there are no events taking place in Makhanda

Image credit of Madosini: Supplied by the National Arts Festival

MIAGI was recently featured in the National Geographic/Nobel Prize Short Documentary series, with An Unfinished Symphony, directed by Academy Award winner Orlando von Einsiedel -released May 2020. Read about the documentary by clicking here: