Review: Glorious Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2022/23 – Neon Dreams, Majozi and Will Linley on December 26, 2022 – season ends April 2, 2023

Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2022/23
When: November 20, 2022 to April 2, 2023
Last concert:  April 2, 2023 with Ami Faku/Msaki
Bookings: Webtickets

OhMy, it was wondrous to be at the Kirstenbosch Summer Concert on Tuesday December 26, 2022, featuring Neon Dreams, Majozi and Will Linley. The concert was sold out – six thousand seats. The crowd was rapturous. People of all ages were singing along – even those not familiar with the music. True story. I bumped into a group of peeps that I know who told me that they had no idea what they were seeing but that they don’t care because any concert at Kirstenbosch is a fabulous experience. As it turns out, they recognised songs from the hearing them on the radio.  

But, still, the consensus was that even if one doesn’t know the artist/s, it does not matter as being there is sublime. Agreed. The setting – with the mountain views – is incomparable. The concerts are well organised. Smoking is not allowed. Concert goers are asked not to sit on high chairs and to instead use back rest chairs. The vibe is chilled. The season continues until April 3, 2023, with tremendous variety, including The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and Cape Town Opera.

Several people told me that they are disappointed that the Goldfish concert is sold out. Goldfish is playing January 8, 2023. I thought that I would take this opportunity to alert readers to the perils of booking with secondary ticket sellers/onseller platforms. Webtickets is the official and designated ticket seller for the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts. Worldwide, there is a huge issue of secondary or onselling platforms. First up, Goldfish is sold out on Webtickets and on the secondary platform that pops up because its SEO – search engine optimization – is wired. Unfortunately, this Alpha onselling site, comes up before Webtickets. So, Goldfish is sold out – everywhere.

As I write, there are still tickets available for the New Year’s Eve Concert at Kirstenbosch – ie this Saturday, Dec 31, 2022. The concert features Mi Casa/Swing City. If you book at Webtickets, the price is R490. Have a look on the dominant secondary platform. The price: R972. It states “general admission:” Ouch. You have been warned. Book at Webtickets. To reiterate, as I write today, Thursday, December 29, 2022, Webtickets has tickets listed for the NYE concert at Kirstenbosch, at R490 a pop. Today, those seats are being listed at R972 each on the onselling site that has its SEO rankings at the top of searches.

The issue of secondary ticket or onselling ticket sites is a global issue. Read more here, where I unpack the situation. The bottom line is that it is difficult to enforce the brokering of onselling of tickets. It is not merely about being severely irritated at paying way more than the listed price but there are instances, where fake tickets are sold. So, you may arrive at Kirstenbosch, with a ticket, purchased through another site – ie not Webtickets- and you may find that the ticket is not legit and that the barcode does not scan. You then, have no recourse at all. Good luck, if your ticket scans and you get your seat, albeit paying more than the listed price. But if the ticket does not scan, no entrance.

Kirstenbosch concerts are an incredible experience. These are destination concerts. You don’t want the experience spoiled – by paying more than the listed price. Worse, if you find that it is not a legit ticket, you are going to be furious, never mind peeved. If there are tickets available, you can buy through Webtickets outlets, which are on site but if the concert is sold out, you will have to leave. That is a bummer all round. I know many people – South Africans and visitors from abroad – who have purchased at the inflated prices on the onseller sites. I also know a few people who have bought fake tickets. Please spread the word: Book through designated ticket sites and do not take a chance on secondary sites.

The Kirstenbosch Summer Concert season runs until April 3, 2023. Book through Webtickets. Another housekeeping note: Concert goers are required to leave with their litter. There are no garbage bins. You need to cart off your used containers, beer and wine bottles, cans and dispose them, away from Kirstenbosch.  There are no recycling or composting bins at the venue.  Do not pick the plants. Leave your footprints and take away the remains of your picnic.

✳ Images © TheCapeRobyn/Robyn Cohen, December 26, 2022