Review: Jerome Rex online concert, Locally Produced, January 2021

Concert: Locally Produced Featuring: Jerome Rex, DJ Ready D and a 5-piece band Platform: Quicket Date: Live stream, January 15, 2021 at 7pm– available until 7pm on January 23, 2021 Tickets: R80 Booking: Quicket  

Terrific energy and gees in Locally Produced – featuring Jerome Rex, DJ Ready D and a 5-piece band. There is also a surprise guest, a cameo performance with Rouchelle Liedemann. Rex and Liedemann perform Hoe Jy My Liefhet– a new song. It is the first time, the song has been performed on stage. Yeah, it is the digital stage but that is what we have, January 2021, Covid, lockdown South Africa. It is great to see Rex and Liedemann perform and I look forward to the music video, which is due for release, soon. I loved watching Rex singing with grandmaster DJ Ready D (aka Deon T Daniels)- a number off DJ Ready DJ Ready’s Ghoema Music album which came out late last year [2020]: “In the shadow of the mountain, yeah yeah yeah; we can party and the beat goes on…” Stirring words.  There is also a magic set with Rex and DJ Ready Neva Again by POC [Prophets of the City], released in 1994 by POC, to celebrate the first democratic elections.

The concert was streamed from Pro Stream Studios in Woodstock- with lighting and sound generated in-house. It is not easy to perform a high energy show from a studio and I think that they have done a fine job. Support South African artists and get a ticket via Quicket. This is a quickie review – working around load shedding – but I don’t want to delay in getting this out.

Jerome Rex in concert, Locally Produced– “Die band speel die beat and ek verrineweer dit vinnig ….” [The band plays the beat and I destroy it in a hurry…”]. Screenshot.

Jerome Rex and Rouchelle Liedemann, performing Hoe Jy My Liefhet, a new song by Rex. First sung publicly on the digital stage, Locally produced, January 15, 2021. Screenshot.
Locally Produced, online concert, January 2021 – playlist

DJ Ready D – opening set
Yeah – Jerome & Ready D
Hand om die lyf
Hoe jy my liefhet –ft. Rouchelle Liedemann
Lay your head on my pillow/Mooi gebou – mashup
Bly Staan by Gracia Nicholls, Sue-Livia Van Wyk and Selby Williams
Tarzan Man
Vannie Huis
It’s Eazy – ft. DJ Eazy
Doenit Man
Boogie up
Good Friday- ft. DJ Eazy
Potjiekos –by BVK (with Ready D)
Neva Again by POC- Prophets of the City (with Ready D)