Review: No Matter What -a tribute to theatre, presented by the Milnerton Players online recording

What: No Matter What -a tribute to theatre Duration: 60 minutes Presented by: The Milnerton Players – features 10 performers and an accompanist When: Online – January 29 and 30 – video on demand
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In November 2020, The Milnerton Players, presented, No Matter What -a tribute to theatre. There were two performances, staged in The Milnerton Playhouse. The cast of ten, accompanied by Rouzanna Coxon, performed for masked audience. Seating was reduced as per Covid regulations. The show was filmed. One can hear the absolute delight of the audience, applauding after each number.

In October and November 2020, there was a burst of life performance in Cape Town as the curtain went up – with adherence to Covid regulations. Infection rates had been stable and shows were staged. In December, with the surge of the new Covid variant, most live performance was put on pause. It is legal to stage theatre under level 3, amended regulations but most theatres and have brought the curtain down. It is back to the digital stage as we stay safe at home.

I thoroughly enjoyed No Matter What, under the direction of Bonny White. The cast features Christine Thonissen, Fiona Tanner, Frances Sholto-Douglas, Georgia Bailey, Kaylene Hendricks, Kristina Burge, Mia Hough, Nicole van Blerk, Noah de Villiers and Rob Coutts, accompanied by Rouzanna Coxon. These artists work in community theatre with the AmDram societies. AmDram is an archaic term. There is nothing amateur about these singers. They perform, sans payment. It is their contribution to community theatre.

The playlist of No Matter What, features wistful and elegiac songs – some I am not familiar with – which resonate very much with being caught up in the pandemic. No matter, what, artists continue to create and be hopeful that one day, there will be an opportunity to go on stage again. This company went for the gap in November 2020- for two nights only. Lovely music and lyrics. I loves Single Threat (Carner & Gregor), performed by Rob Coutts- complete with “bad” dancing/acrobatics. The audience swooned in appreciation. Stunning set. Music is my Friend (Josh Freilich) withNoah de Villiers is stirring – a fabulous performer. One smiles at Go into Finance (Billy Recce), sung by Frances Sholto-Douglas. Yeah, this is not a time when a career on stage is financially viable. All up, this show is filled with whimsy and mirth. The resilience and hope shines through – that no matter what- they will keep singing.

Proceeds from the live shows and the online broadcast, will assist the Milnerton Players in paying its costs at the Milnerton Playhouse. The theatre is owned by the municipality but the society need to find funds to pay for water, electricity and other expenses. Long live community theatre. Watch this show. You will smile. You will applaud the artistry of these creatives, singing for the love of theatre.

NO MATTER WHAT –A TRIBUTE TO THEATRE – staged by The Milnerton Players at The Milnerton Playhouse, Cape Town,  November 2020- in front of a socially distanced, masked audience. The show was filmed/recorded for online viewing  

Gotta Get Out (Kooman & Dimond) ~ Noah de Villiers
I Am Playing Me (Jeff Bowen) ~ Nicole van Blerk
A Way Back to Then (Jeff Bowen) ~ Christine Thonissen
Go into Finance (Billy Recce) ~ Frances Sholto-Douglas
We Sing (Oosthuysen & Stafford) ~ Kristina Burge, Christine Thonissen, Kaylene Hendricks, Mia Hough
A Singer Prepares (Adam Overett) ~ Fiona Tanner
Music is my Friend (Josh Freilich) ~ Noah de Villiers Charlie (Cook/Smith) ~ Nicole van Blerk
Torch Song (Rob Rokicki) ~ Kristina Burge
Mr Tanner (Harry Chapin) ~ Georgia Bailey
Single Threat (Carner & Gregor) ~ Rob Coutts
Disneyland (Hamlisch & Ashman) ~ Mia Hough
Whatever I Want (Jonathan Gealt) ~ Georgia Bailey Frances, Sholto-Douglas
What I Did For Love (Hamlisch & Kleban) ~ Kaylene Hendricks and cast