Zip Zap’s MOYA- 2023 season

The 2023 staging of MOYA premiered in Cape Town in early August.

The show will be on in Johannesburg:

The Teatro at Montecasino: August 31 to September 10, 2023

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Zip Zap’s 2023 revival of its show, MOYA, blew audiences away when it was staged in Cape Town at Artscape [August 3 to 6- four shows only] and now Joburg will get the opportunity to see this beautiful show [August 31 to September 10] at the Teatro at Montecasino. Please do not miss MOYA 2023. Previous incarnations of MOYA were wonderful but MOYA 2023 reaches new heights.

MOYA was conceived during the pandemic, during lockdown, as an acrobatic film. It was screened online and received awards. MOYA was then staged live in the Zip Zap Dome in Cape Town, at Makhanda (National Arts Festival) and in Johannesburg. MOYA was nominated for Naledi awards [Joburg]. Subsequent to the initial online screening, Zip Zap commissioned Josh Hawks of Freshyground, to compose music for MOYA the film and for MOYA on stage in 2023. New acts in MOYA 2023, include Diablo, club juggling and hand balancing. There are three new cast members: Akho Narwele, Masizakhe Kovi and Silumko Ndulula. They join Zip Zap veterans Jason Barnard, Trompie (aka Jacobus Claassen) and Bridgette Berning who has become an essential artist in recent Zip Zap professional shows.

Josh Hawks has composed an astonishing soundtrack of original music which resonates profoundly with the conceptual arc of MOYA – a show which is emblematic of Ubuntu, togetherness, the incredible spirit of South Africans who aspire to move to a communal beat and the hope of flying high and jumping to another sphere – with “better days” beckoning.

MOYA 2023 is awe-inspiring theatrical circus. I have watched a great deal of circus/cirque, online. I would venture to say that Zio Zap is in a category of its own- taking circus artistry of excellence into a theatre. What Zip Zap is doing, goes beyond the razzle dazzle of circus arts in the way it brings together the magic of circus, with the production values of theatre. The dance is incredible- choreography by Adele Blank. Not only do the circus artists accomplish astounding feats but they move to the beat. MOYA is a wow in terms of physical theatre. The set poignantly evokes the multiple faces of Cape Town- townships – set against the beauty of Table Mountain and the city lights. There is a Zip Zap Lane depicted in the set and spaza shops. Zip Zap is a world of its own – a safe place where everyone is welcome. As a ‘social circus’, this is core to the ethos of Zip. The circus welcomes anyone and over three decades has actively nurtured young talent from under resourced communities. Many Zip Zappers found a safe and creative haven with the circus and have gone onto extraordinary careers. We see this spirit of togetherness, unity, shared humanity in MOYA – with refrains of rap songs by Zip Zap’s Jason Barnard. His rap verses were in the first MOYA film and have been expanded. It is stirring and poignant to hear – listen out for the Jump Jump song – “two steps to the left; two steps to the right. “

I saw MOYA 2023 at Artscape and was wowed.  Everything has been tightened and heightened – set design, choreography and lighting. Josh Hawks’ music is a treat with an A-list of musicians which includes – Lumunyano Mzi, Blake Hellaby, Buddy Wells, Lee Thompson, Sabu Jiyana and Nceba Gongrexa and glorious vocals by Zolani Mahola, Luvo Tamba, Lance “Vez “ Fortuin, Janine Cornelius, Riaan Cornelius and Mohau Moahloli. Lots of French in the vocals which resonate in terms of the presence of the French language on the African continent and taps into Africa and its colonial past- with French occupiers. Hawks is also part of the musician line-up and has contributed to the vocals. I would love to see MOYA, performed with a live band and for an album to be recorded.

MOYA is a beautifully poignant and reflective show and it embraces hope and the power of renewal and a shared future. I am paraphrasing – I was taking notes during the FDR – final dress rehearsal – consider these lines: “Don’t look back … I am going to fly … who knows, I might become President; following the sound of that sweet sweet melody … two steps to the left to steps to the right… time for a change- Ubuntu- we move as one – still far from done… Finally its freedom – the dark winter is gone and it is time for the spring season”. I think that we can all salute those sentiments and aspirations.

Zip Zap world: Living in a Zip Zap world in Cape Town – MOYA – 2023 production- pics by Joan Ward. Supplied.

✳Photos of MOYA – 2023 production- with Bridgette Berning flying – pic by Joan Ward. Supplied.