Sponsored post: Jordi Cervera, From Philosophy to Art and Photography- online exhibition

Cape Town based image maker, Julius Jooste is usually resident in Ibiza for the summer, covering events and developing his work as a fine arts photographer. With the global pandemic, Ibiza did not happen and Jooste has been in lockdown Cape Town, launching marketing his first online exhibition, The Dancers of Ibiza. Click to read the article on TheCapeRobyn https://thecaperobyn.co.za/affiliate-post-julius-joostes-dancers-of-ibiza/

Jooste is selling limited edition prints from the exhibition through his affiliate programme. Jooste is expanding his affiliate programme through partnerships with other creatives and is now hosting photos by Spanish fashion photographer, Jordi Cervera,on his website https://www.juliusjooste.com/ The exhibition is titled, From Philosophy to Art and Photography. These images are not being sold in limited editions are priced from €200 – €600 per framed print (excluding shipping).

Jooste and Vidal met in Ibiza. Vidal is currently residing in Berlin. In addition to the photographic prints that he is selling, Vidal also has T-shirts for sale. In the interview, read about how Vidal started off his career – studying philosophy. He talks about his approach as a photographer and that he sees each photo as a story.

To read Jooste’s Q&A with Vidal and to see the photographs which are on sale, click here: https://international.juliusjooste.com/philosophy-art-photography/af/3/

Image credit: Poster –From Philosophy to Art and Photography. Image supplied by Julius Jooste