Submissions guidelineS to TheCapeRobyn – Reviews & Interviews


Subject line- TheCapeRobyn theatre, travel, food, books etc​. Add in: interview/review request.

Please do not send links in initial email. For example, send a short bio of a performer in a play. Do not send a link that we have to download. Please keep submissions to under 500 words – in initial email.

Pointers when making submissions for publication on TheCapeRobyn

Please indicate clearly:

*title of production/event/book/festival etc

*Dates of above (if it is an interview request, this may not apply)

*Cost of tickets to event/show/festival/restaurant  (ball park – or is it a free event?)

*Booking details. It could be an email or phone number. We need a booking/contact number

*Social media references. Is your event/person is on Instagram/twitter/Facebook? Details, please.

*Photo – 300KB or up. Please DO NOT SEND DROPBOX or files in initial enquiry.

Submissions guidelines to TheCapeRobyn – Promotions


Subject line- Theatre reviews are posted by TheCapeRobyn without payment. As we come across exciting events – food, destinations, and festivals – we may write about them. However, we cannot get to everything. If you want to schedule a guaranteed post, then check out the possibility of a Promotion @TheCapeRobyn. This is a sponsored post but even so we will not feature anything which we deem to be unethical, boring or shoddy. We want to provide a platform for curated promotional content. For example, if you are a theatre and you want to tell readers about your food offerings or capacity as a venue for hire or about another value point, then a Promotion @TheCapeRobyn may be the answer. An article will be written. Your press release will not be copied and pasted. We are not a copy and paste platform.