Theatre alert: New musical announcement, The Octaves, Artscape, Cape Town, South Africa, October 2021

The Octaves- theatre musical  

When: October 14-23, 2021 Where: Artscape, Cape Town Producer: Imaan Anders/Im_Media House Bookings: Open August 1, 2021 Corporate/charity and block bookings:  E-mail Funding and sponsorship opportunities:  

Here is thrilling and exciting musical news: A NEW South African musical is being birthed, during Covid. Imaan Anders of Im_Media House has announced a new theatrical musical, The Octaves, which is scheduled for staging at Artscape from October 14-23, 2021. Anders initially conceived this production for TV but during Covid, she was motivated by others, to stage The Octaves as a musical theatre production. In writing, The Octaves, Anders was inspired by the concept of the TV series, Glee. She explains: “The Octaves is set in a time where many people have access to social media and where those platforms get’ to decide what is right or wrong’; who gets cursed for being rapists or gay; measured by wealth, not knowing that wealth comes in many forms or being part of a bi-racial family. The Octaves is a story about a group of students; full of life and endless opportunities struggling to speak their first language, music, due to family restrictions, personal issues or daily struggles. The only place the students really feels safe in, is their music room; a place to let go and perform their fears away. Isn’t that what music does? If you connect with a good song, you instantly feel good.”

Anders grew up, surrounded by creatives and music. She was particularly moved by watching her late uncle, Taliep Petersen working on iconic South African musicals like Poison and District Six, with David Kramer. Anders’ mother is a sax player and will be performing in the musical. In developing The Octaves, Anders is teaming up with musical theatre veterans like Loukmaan Adams (co-director) and Daniel Mpilo Richards (co-writer). The cast is being finalised. The production will feature a live band. With the pandemic, the live theatre sector has been decimated. It is likely to be a while, before we see international musicals, back on stage. Drawing on the legacy of Taliep Petersen and the genre of the South African musical, Anders is mindful of creating a much needed platform, during a time when audiences are longing to get back to watching musical theatre.  The Octaves foregrounds the notion of aspiration and creativity; that music is a safe space to transcend circumstances. Many youngsters have had their schooling interrupted. This musical taps into the possibility of re-claiming dreams – on stage. Anders hopes that young theatre goers will be encouraged to rekindle the idea of making a career in music and in musical theatre.

In tandem with the performers and creative team, Anders is putting in place a mentoring scheme, to provide an opportunity for emerging creatives to learn and upskill from professional like Loukmaan Adams and Daniel Mpilo Richards. Anders is seeking funding to enable under-resourced schools to bring their learners to see the production. With the pandemic and lockdown, learners have not only missed out on in-person classes. They have missed out on music and cultural activities. It is hoped that with The Octaves, learners will experience the thrill of musical theatre. In addition, The Octaves is a South African musical. At its core, a story which will resonate in terms of life experience and challenges, in this country. The protagonists all grapple with situations of family, culture and identity which is very relatable. Musical theatre, with songs, dance and live music, is a potent genre to uplift and inspire. Anders invites individuals and corporates to join her in this exciting project: “It gives me great joy to know that I could change someone’s life or situation so I’m appealing to you to come on board and assist me in whichever way possible, financially or product that would suit production.”

New musical: Imaan Anders of Im_Media House, Cape Town which is producing the new South African musical, The Octaves, scheduled for staging at Artscape, October 14-23, 2021.