Theatre archive: Sugar-daddy theatre company, Cape Town, South Africa, the 1st 10 years- 2010-2020

Cape Town’s Sugar-daddy theatre company is celebrating its milestone 10th birthday, in 2020, the year of Covid-19. Marlisa Doubell who founded the independent company, along with other creatives has handed over the operations to Lizanne Peters, but will continue to play a role in the company, from London, where she will be based for the next five years. In a decade, the company has built up an impressive archive of work. List of productions, follow after boards, with some of the Sugar-daddy productions. In these pandemic days, we need companies like Sugar-daddy to produce theatre- taking care of venue hire, rights, production costs (design etc), performer salaries and marketing. #ChooseLive and draw inspiration from Sugar-daddy – how to take idea/concept from page to stage and audience.

Sugar-daddy posters designed by Lynne Wades. Graphics- poster boards- put together by Carol-Anne Lipshitz of CasDesign branding and design studio.
Sugar-daddy theatre company, Cape Town, South Africa – performance history:

2010 Blue Room by David Hare, Intimate Theatre, director Yvonne Copley
2010 Relationshit! by Marlisa Doubell, Intimate Theatre, director Marlisa Doubell
2011 Relationshit! By Marlisa Doubell, Arena Theatre, director Marlisa Doubell
2012 Line by Israel Horovitz, The Little Theatre, director Yvonne Copley
2012 I am Hamlet by Richard James, The Intimate Theatre, director Patrick Walton2013
Lady Luck by Marlisa Doubell, The Intimate Theatre, director Yvonne Copley
2013 Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet, The Intimate Theatre, director Chris Weare
2014 Hello & Goodbye by Athol Fugard, The Alexander Bar, director Chris Weare
2016/2017 The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler (V-Day partnership), Cape Town Fringe Festival: Cape Town City Hall/Alexander Bar Cafe/The Masque Theatre/ ICI Corporate Auditorium at De Waterkant/ The Drama Factory- director Marlisa Doubell
2017 Thirst by Eugene O’Neil, Cape Town Fringe Festival/The Alexander Bar/The Masque Theatre/The ICI Foundry/The Drama Factory, director Sue Diepeveen
2018/19 A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer by Eve Ensler (V-Day partnership), The Alexander Bar/The Masque Theatre//The Drama Factory, director Tamryn Speirs
2018/19 Blueberry Toast by Mary Laws, The ICI Foundry/Artscape Arena, director Sue Diepeveen
2020 The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler (V-Day partnership), The Raptor Room, director Marlisa Doubell

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