Theatre: Essential watchlist – National Arts Festival Fringe Live, ends August 31 2021

Have you clicked in to see the work on the 2021 National Arts Festival Fringe Live? The Fringe current lineup will wrap up on August 31. The NAF has committed to keeping The Fringe up on an ongoing basis but after August 31 and content may change. A number of creatives are placing their work on online festivals, out of Africa. Now is your chance to watch/listen while the content available- over a 100 works – yeah, a lot. Key to the current selection is that all the Standard Bank Ovation Award Winning works are up- until August 31. For easy reference to the nominated works and category winners (Bronze, Gold and Silver), click here: All you need to do is click on the post and you will be directed to the direct booking link for each Ovation winning show. The Gold Ovation Winners are essential viewing – The Shack and Gone but not forgotten

It is not only the Ovation winners which are worthy of watching. I loved Mommy, Mommy and it did not garner an Ovation. I was captivated by this innovative piece of dance theatre with a compelling script, soundscape and dance. It was live streamed and then put up as VOD on the NAF site. Read review: See box, for my hot picks of the Fringe 2021.

TheCapeRobyn essential watchlist -the National Arts Festival Fringe Live Fringe 2021- includes Standard Bank Ovation Award Winning works- available until August 31, 2021  

Attention must be drawn to Elaine Liner’s witty, acerbic play, Dear Donald/Dear Hillary (Their Secret Correspondence) – a two hander, starring Sally Vahle (Hillary) and Bob Hess (Donald). This is play from the USA and it is available at the NAF for R50 a ticket – about $3 at the current exchange rate. Review:  

A shout out to Your Perfect Life – which won a 2019 Ovation Award at NAF 2019 – when it was stage at the festival. In 2021, it won another Ovation Award for the recording of the play. So the stage version and the filmed version have both received Ovation Awards – recognition of the use of both mediums in presenting theatre. Bravo to the NAF for taking that leap of artistic belief and considering the recording as a standalone piece. I saw the play on stage, prior to the pandemic at Alexander Bar (which no longer exists). Review from the Alex Bar staging:  I watched the play, online at 2020 NAF and again, online at 2021 NAF. Loved it – on each viewing. The dialogue is fabulous. The play grapples with issues which women are faced with all the time – procreation. If anything, the pandemic has heightened these issues. Link to 2021 Fringe:

The producer of Your Perfect Life, Faeron Wheeler (who also performs in the play) is a creative innovator. Another show that she produced during lockdown – (extra)ordinary, (un)usual, is on at the Fringe, and it won a Silver Ovation. Link at NAF 2021: Review/interview links. Start here- reviewed prior to NAF on another platform:

Fringe 2021 shows reviewed on TheCapeRobyn – highly recommended:

Fringe 2021 – watched but not reviewed – but given shout-outs on social media- fabulous shows

A shout-out to -ASSITEJ– breathtaking writing – audio play

TheCapeRobyn watched most of the Fringe – racing to finish.  Found most of the shows interesting- all worth watching. Artists take 90% of ticket sales. Support creatives. Click online and watch -or listen if it is an audio play.      

Verloren by Spark in the Dark- Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award at National Arts Festival Fringe Live. Supplied.

❇ Featured image: Ruth by Love and Race Productions.  Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award at National Arts Festival Fringe Live. Supplied.