Theatre news: 2Sugars Productions has rebranded, Betrayal is coming soon

2Sugars Productions– independent theatre production company- based in Cape Town  

Owners: Marlisa Doubell (London) and Lizanne Peters (South Africa)  

2Sugars Productions live theatre production for 2022: Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, October 21-29, 2022 in the Artscape Arena. Betrayal cast: Pierre Malherbe, Matt Newman and Marlisa Doubell.  

Bookings: Early Bird Special -applies for a limited time.   

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Actor and producer, Marlisa Doubell has announced that Sugar-daddy Theatre Company has re-branded as 2Sugars Productions. Doubell founded Sugar-daddy with a collective, over a decade ago. Marlisa Doubell moved to London with her family in 2020 and handed the operational reigns to Lizanne Peters and has assisted from a distance. Peters went on to manage Sugar Slam, an online 1-minute monologue competition set up actively to support South African actors and writers during the hard lockdowns. Cash prizes were awarded by an esteemed panel of judges. Sugar-daddy Theatre Company has re-branded as 2Sugars Productions. The new company aims to embrace the digital arena and explore the online theatre space by making content and resources available online and it will continue to stage live theatre. When Sugar-daddy started, it had about a dozen members in the collective. During Covid, the production team has trimmed to two core members- Lizanne Peters and Marlisa Doubell and has titled the new company as, 2Sugars. As with Sugar-daddy, the idea is to collaborate and bring on board, other creatives, on a project to project basis. Info as supplied:

2Sugars Productions

Marlisa Doubell: “I am so grateful to Lizanne for managing Sugar Slam over the hard lockdowns. It brought inspiration to many SA artists and highlighted some talented individuals. Hopefully, we can do more projects like this in future. I’m excited to be in partnership with Lizanne.’’ She adds: “In 2020, founder member Leon Clingman stepped away for health reasons and has moved to Johannesburg for his treatment programme.‘’ Peters: “Our hearts go out to Leon at this time. We wish him a full recovery.’’ Founder member Gavin Werner also left to start his own production company, Gavin Werner Productions. 2Sugars Productions is a proud sponsor to his debut play, Spanish Steps, on at the NAF 2022. (Interview:]

Lizanne Peters is thrilled to be partnering in 2Sugars Productions: “Independent theatre is a vital outlet and lifeblood to many independent artists in Cape Town. It’s crucial that we keep our platform alive. We support #chooselive as an important hashtag. We also recognise that we need to adapt live works for the digital stage, online and we must embrace that as well.”

On the boards for 2022 

2Sugars is producing Harold Pinter’s Betrayal at the Artscape Arena later this year, which is scheduled to be staged from October 21-29, 2022 in the Artscape Arena. “Following the successful revival of Betrayal, in recent years, both on Broadway and the West End, and sweeping the boards at various international award ceremonies, 2Sugars is fortunate to hold the rights”, says Doubell. The Pinter Estate has granted a limited run on 10 performances only.  Professor Chris Weare- a Fleur du Cap Theatre Award recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award- will be directing 2Sugars production of Betrayal, at the Artscape Arena. ‘I’m in the cast, along with Pierre Malherbe and Matt Newman. We can’t wait for you all to see it.’’ Direct booking link: Early Bird Special -applies for a limited time.”

2Sugars Productions: Lizanne Peters (pictured) runs 2Sugars Productions, with Marlisa Doubell. Supplied.

✳ Sponsored content. Featured image: 2Sugars Productions is presenting Harold Pinter’s Betrayal at the Artscape Arena, October 21-29, 2022. In the pic- the cast – Matt Newman, Pierre Malherbe, and Marlisa Doubell.