October 2023 programme at The Drama Factory
Where: The Drama Factory
Address: 10 Comprop Sq, Henry Vos Close, Asla Business Park, Strand, Western Cape
Bookings: With credit card www.thedramafactory.co.za or contact 073 215 2290

October programme at The Drama Factory

There’s a fantastic mix of comedy, music and drama in the October 2023, line-up at The Drama Factory- including Fleur du Cap winning Daniel Newton in the excellent play, Shadow Boxing. There is a solar-powered invertor at The Drama Factory, so shows go on, even when there is load-shedding. Read on for more. Info as supplied:

Shadowing his father: Shadow Boxing, starring Fleur du Cap winner Daniel Newton, directed by award-winning director Mdu Kweyama, has multiple sell out runs in South Africa. See it at The Drama Factory, October 2023. Book: www.thedramafactory.co.za

October 2023 programme at The Drama Factory

Be inspired, transported and entertained by the best of South African talent on stage, while enjoying the warm and welcoming atmosphere from The Drama Factory’s friendly front of house staff and a range of drinks and snacks on offer.

We are delighted to welcome some of October’s artists to our stage for the first time,” says Sue Diepeveen, founder of The Drama Factory. “Unfortunately the wonderful Marc Lottering is already sold out, but we hope to welcome him back again soon! In the meantime, join us for the divine Shiraz and Friends; the hilarious Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist, the rocking Mark Haze and Band, gripping theatre with  Daniel Newton in Shadow Boxing, heavenly music from James Stewart & John Ellis Live and the fabulous Casper de Vries!”

The October 2023 programme (except Marc Lottering – which is sold out):

October 5, 6 and 7 at 19h30

An Intimate Evening With Shiraz & Friends In Concert

Tickets cost R180 /R160

The Drama Factory is proud to showcase one of Somerset West’s best loved bands for the first time on our stage.

This five-piece band is comprised of two sisters, Anne Walsh & Helen Dooley with Bob Walsh, Jarred Pitout (Vocals) and Mike Prenter (Guitar).  Anne, Helen & Bob are from the UK where they were part of the successful chart-topping family group “The Dooleys”.  After retiring to SA in1982, they turned their talents to musicals for the local theatre (for which they have received numerous awards from the Cape Times panel).  For the Drama Factory concert, Shiraz have brought back their former guitarist Terry Weyer, and enhanced the band with not one, but two more keyboard players, Estelle Louw and Allen Stidworthy, and drummer Chris Burgess making the band an eight-piece outfit.

This lineup has been playing for many years at Somerset West’s Playhouse Theatre, for various musical production, alongside their regular gigs (Weddings, 21’s parties and divorces!) This versatility results in a varied repertoire of popular music from the 60’s to current, but the band has experienced that their audiences really enjoy their close harmonies. For the Drama Factory performance Shiraz will also be showcasing some local talent (friends!) – watch this space!

October 12 at 19h30

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist

Tickets cost R150

After two year enforced hiatus in the UK, due to the worldwide Covid pandemic, Andre returns to SA shores.

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist celebrates a record breaking 29 years on stage as South Africa’s very own convener of the strange weird and wonderful.   Andre discovered his hypnotic calling after watching a performance of the late Max Collie in action. 

No two shows are ever the same as the show’s strength lies in the fact that every night’s volunteers are completely different, leading to a diverse hilarious action-packed evening performance. With every person reacting differently to Andre’s suggestion, not even Andre knows what to expect when he steps up on stage.

Andre does, however, promise not to disappoint and the audience can expect an hour of side splitting hilarious Hypnotic entertainment from their very own community as Andre takes to the stage.

At the end of the day the strength of the show lies on the volunteers of the evening and that is what makes Andre’s show such a feel good, funny, hilarious evening’s entertainment. It’s truly the only show in the country that can claim that it makes stars of your friends and family.

To read about the genesis of Andre’s career, see: https://thecaperobyn.co.za/insight-andre-the-hilarious-hypnotist-back-on-on-stage-in-south-africa-2023/

Stage hypnotist: Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist is performing at The Drama Factory in October, 2023. Book: www.thedramafactory.co.za

October 19 at 19h30

Masters of Rock – Mark Haze and Band

Tickets cost R220/R200

Get ready to rock with seasoned singer-songwriter and performer Mark Haze as he pays tribute with this band to the music world’s greatest hit-makers. Get your tickets now for this thrilling rock extravaganza that is ‘Masters of Rock’ Live at The Drama Factory, and hear songs from the greats like The Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Journey, Van Halen, Guns N Roses, Pink Floyd, Elvis, Creedence Clearwater Revival and many more!

October 20 and 21, at 19h30; October 22 at 4pm

Shadow Boxing

Tickets cost R150/R120

Shadow Boxing, starring Fleur du Cap winner Daniel Newton, directed by award-winning director Mdu Kweyama, is about a 21-year-old heavyweight fighter burdened by the shadow of his father’s past and bigotry and his own internalised perceptions of masculinity. The show, recently had a celebrated critically acclaimed run at The Edinburgh Fringe festival, and has multiple sell out runs in South Africa.

Daniel Newton stars in Shadow Boxing, a heavy-hitting one-man show coming to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2023. Newton has just been awarded a coveted Fleur Du Cap Theatre Award for Best Performance in a Revue, Cabaret or One-Person Show. Alone on a stage adorned with nothing but a metal bucket, a punching-bag, a worn pair of boxing gloves and a suit jacket, the character Flynn tells us his story, weaving his gut-wrenching narrative through his cruel childhood, his rise to boxing stardom, and his tragic fall from grace.  Audiences find themselves in the role of second actor, spoken to as a confidant, holding their breath as Newton pushes himself to the edge both physically and emotionally. In just an hour, Newton, a UCT Drama School graduate, single-handedly relays Flynn’s story.

A heavyweight fighter burdened by the shadow of his father’s past an

d bigotry and his own internalised perceptions of masculinity, Flynn throws himself at the punch-bag with the abandon of a man who has nothing left to lose as he fights desperately to save himself from confronting his shadows. While rage and frustration come easily to Flynn, it’s his moments of fear and vulnerability that hold your heart. Newton holds nothing back, skilfully combining moments of chaotically gruelling physical exertion with quiet reflection, insight and compassion as he reluctantly embraces who he is – with devastating consequences. 

Review of Shadow Boxing on TCR: https://thecaperobyn.co.za/theatre-review-daniel-newton-delivers-a-penetratingly-nuanced-performance-in-shadow-boxing/

October 27 at 19h30

James Stewart & John Ellis Live

Tickets cost R180 / R170

Blending piano, guitar, melody and vocal harmonies, world-class, multi-award winning singers, songwriters and musicians, James Stewart and John Ellis, will journey with their audience through the songs which inspired them to write their own – from interpretations of some their favourite songs to intimate performances of their own.

James Stewart and John Ellis put in their debut performance at The Drama Factory on 30 June with rave reviews like: “Outstanding”, “Brilliant musicians with a great rapport between them. Fabulous show.”, “Excellent collaboration and spontaneous improvisation by these two musicians!”, “Excellent show with very talented musicians”

From our Facebook page last time: James Stewart is an Emmy-nominated, multi-SAMA award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and all-round nice guy. John Ellis was part of Tree63 and toured internationally for many years, now back in South Africa. He is also a highly-regarded singer, songwriter, guitar player and a published poet. While it felt as though they were just two extraordinarily talented friends jamming together, they drew the audience into the magic of their rapport and friendship (and a good dollop of humour), creating poetry that flowed like good red wine in front of a cozy fireplace on a cold winter’s night. Google their credentials, follow them on Instagram, and go to their shows! They will take you on a tour of their songs (with the most amazing lyrics) and that of Duran Duran, U2, Johnny Clegg, Sting, etc. Thank you guys – and The Drama Factory!”

October 30 at 19h30

Casper de Vries – Semi Lewendig

Tickets cost R180/R160

Nadat Covid vir die wêreld en Suid-Afrika beetgepak het, was daar ‘n stilstand in ons sosiale kringe, wat rampspoedig was vir baie instansies en funksies. Maar gelukkig het ‘n geleidelike terugkeer na die “normale” gang van sake begin, en restaurante, flieks, klubs, sportbyeenkomste , sosiale geleenthede en teaters het soos van te vore weer begin funksioneer. Die publiek het die nare virus vinnig as ‘n ongemaklike tydperk uit die onlangse verlede onthou. ‘n Paar tergende vrae bly egter nog onopgeklaar rondhang. Vrae soos “wat was toe die beste inenting om te kies?”, “kan so-iets weer gebeur?” en “wat het geword van Casper de Vries?”

Casper de Vries het inderdaad stil geword, maar nie as gevolg van Covid nie. ‘n Piepklein gogga het hom beetgekry en bedlêend gehad vir n lang tyd. Hy vertel alles oor sy stryd om weer normaal te kan funksioneer in die intieme solo-vertoning Casper de Vries “Semi-Lewendig”. Hy bespreek en skerts ook oor die toestand waarin die wêreld homself bevind en al die eiesoortige Suid-Afrikaanse dilemmas wat ons tans meemaak.

Dié eenmanvertoning is bedoel vir volwasse ore, en ‘n sin vir humor word ten sterkste aanbeveel.  

Bookings for all shows can be made at www.thedramafactory.co.za or contact 073 215 2290.

With its fully licensed bar and cosy, welcoming atmosphere, The Drama Factory is the perfect venue to enjoy top-quality entertainment with a group of friends or family. The solar-powered invertor ensures the show will always go on, even when there is load-shedding!

Make a staycation of a visit to The Drama Factory, booking in with one of their wonderful accommodation partners. Spend the night at The Views Guesthouse, 185 on Beach or Majorca House to enjoy the beauty and many other activities on offer in the surrounding Helderberg region. Visit the website for further details.

The Drama Factory is situated at 10 Comprop Sq, Henry Vos Close, Asla Business Park, Strand, Western Cape. Parking is available at the venue.

The Drama Factory

Established in 2017, The Drama Factory has become renowned as a prime destination for patrons to enjoy quality entertainment across a range of genres in a relaxed and welcoming environment. As well as showcasing mainstream productions, The Drama Factory offers creatives a venue to workshop performances, providing an affordable space for artists to bring their creative ideas to life.

The Drama Factory hosts a number of training initiatives, including a theatre lighting training programme. Through its relationship with organisations such as the Anna Foundation and Masikhule, The Drama Factory enables opportunities for young theatre goers to attend performances and workshops, assisting to build audiences and artists for tomorrow. 

Committed to providing a platform to nurture original South African theatre productions, The Drama Factory also co-produces new work, such as the What Did The Fox Say? series, which was sponsored by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture.

The Drama Factory

Address: 10 Comprop Sq, Henry Vos Close, Asla Business Park, Strand, Western Cape
Bookings: With credit card www.thedramafactory.co.za or contact 073 215 2290 https://www.thedramafactory.co.za/
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