The Reed Player – written and directed by Marianna le Roux

Performer: Laura Kelly
When: July 19 – 21, 2023 at 7.30pm and July 22 at 6pm and 8pm
Venue: The Outlore Base – 2nd Floor, 80 Hout Street
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Marianna Productions, a Cape Town theatre production company was established in 2017 by playwright/director/producer, Marianna le Roux.  The company’s launch production was The Reed Player, a one woman theatre piece. Now, in 2023, Marianna Productions is reviving The Reed Player, with a new production at the Outlore Base, starring Laura Kelly. New music has been composed for the 2023 production. Le Roux spoke about her theatre work in an interview [July, 20222] with TheCapeRobyn and how it is distilled from a place of “broken-ness”. The theatre that she is interested in creating, is birthed out of “pain and loss”. In that interview, she speaks about the Reed Player which is autobiographical and “depicts the fury of a raped woman who wants to calm the stormy seas by playing her reed flute into the waves. She is mute and her flute is her voice.” Here is the interview:

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The Reed Player, staged by Marianna Productions

About Marianna Productions

The visionary and playwright/director for the production house is Marianna le Roux.  The theatre output consists of one woman pieces focusing on the psyche of women.  Using dramatic prose, enlightened and multi-layered text, Marianna’s work originates from the subconscious.  She writes deeply personal about woman, far from the political and entertainment platform.  Her themes and messages touch the inner workings of society, although in obscure manner.  Three one woman theatre pieces, The Reed Player, Daughter and The Shell Singer, were seen in The Galloway Theatre, Theatre Arts and Drama Factory.

About The Reed Player

Marianna Productions was formed in 2017 with the one woman theatre piece The Reed Player.

This dark moment in theatre portrays a damaged woman matching her rage against a furious sea around a lonely beach.  Her only weapon during the storms is the tiny love songs from her reed flute that she wields against over- powering grief and madness. Nicole Riccardo shook audiences with her riveting performance in The Galloway in 2017 as well as 2018. 

Laura Kelly stars in the 2023 production and Marianna composed her own music for a new soundtrack. 

Raging against a furious sea and lonely beach: Laura Kelly is the performer in The Reed Player, the 2023 staging of the one woman theatre piece by Marianna le Roux. The season runs at the Outlore Base- July 19 – 21, at 7.30pm and July 22 at 3pm and 6pm. Book here:

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