Travel: Ode to Kouginettes, Paris

Kouginettes are sublime pastries -a sticky and lighter version of a croissant. It is the signature patisserie made at Maison Georges Larnicol in Paris (and branches out of Paris).  Kouginettes are mini versions of Kouign-amann -a Breton butter cake (layers of pastry, layered with butter), from the French region of Bretagne. Kouginettes were “invented” by Maison Georges Larnicol.

As someone who doesn’t have a “sweet tooth”, kouginettes made me swoon and make me drool as I write this. We were walking through the Latin Quarter when we saw these concoctions in the window and there was this scent wafting out the door. That was how we stumbled on the wonder of the kouginette.

Fillings include strawberry, chocolate and Cointreau. Pistachio is our favourite. Must be consumed fresh – out the oven. Day old kouginettes are a no go. If I recall, they were about three or four euros a pop [2018]. Not cheap but we will gladly ditch a museum trip for kouginettes.

Maison Georges Larnicol sells a range of pastries, macaroons, meringue and chocolates. It is famous for its chocolate sculptures. When we were there, there was a handbag on display -to eat for – sorry, couldn’t resist that. Chocolate art.

It amazes us how many people we know who are regulars in Paris and they have never heard of kouginettes. Now, you know.

❇ Image credit: © TheCapeRobyn/Robyn Cohen