Villa Viva Guesthouse, Cape Town is the new home for Viva con Agua SA- the hub for VcA SA and a cool place to stay and chill out

Villa Viva Guesthouse – Cape Town
What: Guesthouse which is the hub for the SA chapter of Viva con Agua- VcA. Viva con Agua (“Live with Water”) is a global activist movement, geared to “water for all”, within the WASH sector (water, sanitation and hygiene)

Where: 74 New Church St, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, 8001
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Phone: 021 423 4530
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Today, Thursday October 7, 2021 is an exciting day for Viva con Agua (VcA) with the soft launch of Villa Viva Guesthouse, in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town. The launch event is part of First Thursdays, in Cape Town and will include, music, DJs, live art and fun. The plan is for Villa Viva to host a fabulous First Thursdays happening, every month. The Villa Viva is the new home and hub of the South African chapter of Viva con Agua (Live with Water). VcA is a global water activist movement – with “Water for all” – as its core purpose. It is committed to making a difference in the WASH sector – read on for more about that.

Team VcA quips that it is not a non-profit organisation. That sounds exclusionary and negative – with the word “non”. There is no sense of “non” in Viva con Aqua. VcA is very much “for all”. The Villa Viva Guesthouse – is comprised of four heritage properties which have been refurbished and have been kitted out with stylish interiors. There is a fabulous outdoor mural. Day visitors can sit on the terrace and have a drink, recline at the pool, walk in the gardens and get involved in art projects on the site.  The Villa Viva with its reasonably priced rooms is ideal for travellers who are mindful of finding eco-friendly and water wise accommodation. The bottom line: Guests sleep over and the overnight stay directly supports water VcA projects. The bonus for guests is that the Villa is a hip, social and cool place to hang and out connect with interesting and creative people. The venue is for hire for parties, weddings, events.

VcA has been a presence in South Africa since 2020 and has established innovative projects in schools and communities. Now with Villa Viva Gussthouse – VcA has a space to share some its projects with partners, raise awareness about its work and hopefully get people interested in supporting its projects.

VcA was founded in Hamburg Germany by Benjamin Adrion in 2006 and a bunch of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the WASH sector. WASH is an acronym for water, sanitation and hygiene. WASH is about making water accessible, affordable and sustainable and is the baseline of public health. After operational costs are covered, most of Villa Viva’s profits will go into the WASH projects of Viva con Agua in the Eastern Cape, Cape Town and other locations in the Cape. Ajay Paulis the co-founder and director of Viva con Agua in South Africa and has been working in the WASH sector for over 25 years.

In the pandemic and lockdown, water, as an issue has been side-lined.  The memory of the so called Day Zero drought in Cape Town (2015-2017- three consecutive dry winters) makes many of us shudder as we think back to the how we freaked out to the possibility that our taps would be switched off. The privileged have taps to switch off. They have indoor toilets and sanitation. The fact is that, millions of South Africans do not have access to water, sanitation and hygiene. With Covid still very much with us, there is greater urgency to focus on water- and the hygiene and sanitation aspects- which are vital. How are you supposed to wash your hands thoroughly if you live in overcrowded space, with one tap for hundreds of people- and no soap – and sanitizer? In schools, bathrooms are often poorly fitted, Taps may have been broken and removed and how are the little ones meant to wash their hands? VcA is passionate about working in the WASH sector and making water available for all. The bulk of Villa Viva’s profits will go into the WASH projects of Viva con Agua in the Eastern Cape, Cape Town and other locations.

The Villa Viva is envisaged not only as it home but as space to bring others into the fold and also a very hip and chilled getaway, with glorious city views of Table Mountain (from the terrace), a pool to un-wind in and gaze into the beautiful surrounds. There is high speed WiFi. This is a great spot for digital nomads to work in and connect with others. The Villa Viva is a space for art exhibitions, music, festivals – and the prize is that VcA projects will benefit from income generated at Viva Villa Guesthouse. Viva to VcA. It is all in the WASH. Let us all make a difference and be cognisant of the threat of water scarcity in our region and in helping those who have poor access to potable water, sanitation and hygiene.

Legendary rage musician Crosby Bolani is the live music headliner at the soft opening of Villa Viva Guesthouse, in Tamboerskloof, for First Thursdays, October 7, 2021, Cape Town. He has written a Villa Viva song and is performing the song at the opening.

Sponsored feature. Featured image – Villa Viva Guesthouse, in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town – the hub of Viva con Agua- VcA. Viva con Agua (“Live with Water”) – a global activist movement, geared to “water for all”, within the WASH sector (water, sanitation and hygiene). This pic of the pool- © TheCapeRobyn/Robyn Cohen, Octber, 2020