Watchlist: Finely curated programme 16 films European Film Festival South Africa 13-23, 2022

The 2022 edition of European Film Festival South Africa, opened yesterday, October 13 and is on until 23, 2022. After being online during the pandemic, this year’s festival is hybrid – with screenings in cinemas (tickets apply) and online (free). It is wonderful opportunity to watch the selection of 16 films, which have been carefully curated for selection. So, far, I have not watched one ‘dud’. I have watched many film festivals recently and many have unfortunately been top heavy with disappointing films.

Info about 2022 the European Film Festival South Africa, here: Booking: These are four films that I have watched and highly recommend- more to follow on #TheCapeRobyn.

I’m Your Man

Petite Maman

The Good Boss


✳ Featured image: Petite Maman. Supplied.