What: Heathers The Musical
Director: Paul Griffiths

Presented by: Waterfront Theatre School, Cape Town
When: July 17-27, 2024
Where: Artscape Arena
Tickets: R200  
Bookings: Webtickets  
School group sales: Contact Jeff Brooker on jeff@jbpro.co.za or 083 825 2847      

Exciting news is the staging of the hit cult musical Heathers – The Musical at Artscape from July 17-27, 2024. This is the South African premiere of the musical, brought to us by the Waterfront Theatre School. Heathers won the 2019 WhatsOnStage Award for Best New Musical and was recently revived in the West End in London. Read on for more. Info as supplied:

Waterfront Theatre School presents South African premiere of the hit cult musical Heathers – The Musical at Artscape in July 2024

Waterfront Theatre School proudly presents the South African premiere of hit cult musical Heathers – The Musical at Artscape next month.

More than just your usual high school musical, thiscaptivating show promises to deliver a powerful and unforgettable theatrical experience.

Heathers – The Musical will be performed from July 17-27, 2024 at Artscape Arena. Bookings can be made at Webtickets

Directed by Paul Griffiths, Heathers – The Musical, transports audiences back to the vivid and intense world of high school drama, where the stakes are life and death. Get ready to be entangled in the dark and twisted world of high school power plays, croquet games, and a trio of Heathers who rule the roost with a flick of their perfectly coiffed hair.

The production won the 2019 WhatsOnStage Award for Best New Musical and has recently been revived in the West End in London.

Completing the stellar creative team, Musical Direction is by the talented Garth Tavares. The production’s vibrant and dynamic choreography is crafted by Ursula Lubbe and supervised by Genna Galloway, ensuring a visually stunning performance.

Costume Design is helmed by the renowned Delia Sainsbury, with Saskia Bormans designing the set.

Heathers – The Musical is based on the cult classic 1988 film, and it delves into the dark underbelly of high school life with a biting wit and unforgettable score. Audiences will follow Veronica Sawyer, a teenager navigating the treacherous social hierarchy of Westerberg High School. With its energetic musical numbers and sharp dialogue, this production tackles themes of popularity, bullying, and the desire for acceptance.

As we delve into the world of Heathers, it’s impossible not to reflect on the tumultuous journey that is adolescence. Being a teenager is an inherently challenging time—a period of rapid development and profound self-discovery. Navigating this phase often feels like a battle for identity amidst the pressures and expectations of the world around us,” says Director Paul Griffiths.

Heathers brings these issues to the forefront, presenting a darkly comedic yet poignant exploration of the high school experience. Through its sharp wit and memorable characters, it sheds light on the toxic behaviours that can emerge in the pressure-cooker environment of adolescence. But crucially, it also offers a glimmer of hope. The overall message of Heathers is that there is a better way—a way where we choose kindness over cruelty, support over sabotage, and understanding over judgment.”

The Waterfront Theatre School will be lighting up the stage with their dazzling talent.

The cast features Liesel Irene Horn as Veronica Sawyer;  William Young as JD; Rachael Saunders as Heather Chandler, Azande Dube as Heather Duke; Tyde Hickman as Heather Macnamara; Kudzai K Kamwendo as Kurt Kelly; John Marshall as Ram Sweeney; Saskia Bormans as Martha Dunstock; Katey Measures as Mrs Flemming; Ethan Dunk as Bill Sweeney and Iain Webb as Paul Kelly.

Heathers – The Musical is a high-energy show that you won’t want to miss!

Waterfront Theatre School is a premier institution dedicated to nurturing the talents of aspiring performers. With a focus on comprehensive training in acting, singing, and dance, the school has produced numerous successful graduates who have gone on to achieve acclaim in the performing arts industry.

Age advisory 14 years

Heathers – The Musical  will be performed at Artscape Arena from July 17-27.

Performance dates are:

July 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26 and 27 at 20h00

July 20 & 27 at 14h30

Tickets cost R200.

Bookings can be made at Webtickets

For school group sales, contact Jeff Brooker on jeff@jbpro.co.za or 083 825 2847.

Follow Waterfront Theatre School on social media for updates and behind-the-scenes content:

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Liesel Irene Horn (Veronica Sawyer)

Liesel Irene Horn is a budding performer, producer and musical director. She is graduating from The Waterfront Theatre School in 2024 and is ready to hit the ground running. She has produced two original productions, Miscast (2023) and You Never Know (2024), with her production company Saunders and Horn. As a composing duo, S&H have had several original works showcased by the CCA’s Cabaret and Beyond Festival in 2022. Liesel has two assistant musical director credits under her belt for Pippin (2022) and Oklahoma! (2023), both WTS productions. She has portrayed the principal role of Mrs Peacock in an original Cluedo-esque production, The Boddy at Tudor (2022).

William Young (JD)

William Young is musical theatre major currently in his fourth and final year at the Waterfront Theatre School. Recently he has played the roles of Antony in ‘Sweeney Todd’ directed by Fred Abrahamse, Curly in ‘Oklahoma!’ directed by Fred Abrahamse and Marcel Meyer as well as Jack in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ directed by Steven Stead. He was also a part of the ensemble in Finding the Light, an evening with musical theatre stars from Broadway, West End and South Africa.   William is very excited to be working with the inimitable Paul Griffiths once again, especially on a meaty role like JD. He is exceptionally grateful for his time at the Waterfront Theatre School, all the incredibly passionate lecturers with such wealths of knowledge, and for the many opportunities he has received while studying there. William can’t wait to enter the industry and also hopes to branch into film and TV.

Rachael Saunders (Heather Chandler)

Rachael Saunders is a fourth-year musical theatre major with a passion for storytelling. During her time as a student, she has written, directed and produced several works, ranging from single songs to full scale musical productions. Most recently, an original jukebox musical entitled You Never Know. Her love for theatre is originally rooted in performance, and she is so excited to bring Heather Chandler to life for Cape Town audiences.

Azande Dube (Heather Duke)

Azande Dube is in her 3rd year at the Waterfront Theatre School and has been involved in numerous projects and productions during her training. She has a love for performing as well as being a part of the creative process in a production, as she has also written her own work and lyrics.

She played the role of “Aunt Eller “ in the 2023 Abrahamse and Meyer Production of Oklahoma! She has co-written and been a lyricist for Bedlam The Musical and been involved in many One Act Plays and projects during her training.

Azande is thrilled to showcase her interpretation of the underdog in the iconic trio of Heathers – The Musical.

Tyde Hickman (Heather Macnamara)

Tyde Hickman is currently in her fourth year at Waterfront Theatre School, eagerly anticipating graduation. Throughout her academic journey, she has been fortunate to immerse herself in various performance opportunities. Notably, Tyde has been a consistent participant in the annual WTS dance show and choreographic competition, achieving recognition as the Best Novice Choreographer and winning the Best Duet in 2024. Her talents extend to the stage, where she has delighted audiences in roles such as Roni in “You Never Know” (2024) and as part of the ensemble in “Miscast” (2023), a production nominated for Broadway World South Africa’s Best Ensemble, both productions proudly produced by Saunders and Horn Productions. Tyde also brought Gerti Cummings to life in the Abraham and Meyer’s rendition of “Oklahoma!” (2023) and portrayed the principal role of Mademoiselle Brunette in the original Cluedo-esque production, “The Boddy at Tudor” (2022).

Kudzai K Kamwendo (Kurt Kelly)

Kudzai K Kamwendo, a remarkably talented and dynamic second-year student at the esteemed Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town, is quickly making a name for himself. Known for his captivating presence and dynamic range, and a profound connection with his audience, Kudzai is set to play the role of Kurt Kelly, the Jock, in the highly anticipated South African premiere of Heathers: The Musical. Under the guidance of the prestigious director Paul Griffiths. From the tender age of ten, Kudzai’s passion for the arts has been a driving force in his life, these qualities that have only deepened over time. Kudzai’s journey into the world of performance began at Kearsney College, where he immersed himself in drama, theatre, and acting. It was here that his innate talent and potential as a triple threat performer—excelling in acting, singing, and dancing—were first recognized and nurtured. He was also the Head of the Choir in 2022 which was his Matric year where he led the choir to victory in Austria. He was also apart of the Waterfront’s Dance Show and Choreographic competitions in both 2023 and 2024. Kudzai’s upcoming role in Heathers: The Musical is a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. Working alongside director Paul Griffiths, he is excited to explore the complexities of his character and to contribute to a production that promises to captivate audiences. This opportunity represents not only a personal achievement but also a step forward in Kudzai’s journey towards becoming a celebrated name in the world of musical theatre.

John Marshall (Ram Sweeney)

John Marshall is a Musical Theatre performer, currently studying at The Waterfront Theatre School. He has starred in You Never Know (2024) an original ‘mostly miscast musical’, produced by Saunders and Horn Productions. He has been a part of the Abrahamse and Meyer’s production of Oklahoma!(2023) where he played ‘the Boy’ and was apart of the ensemble. He formed part of the ensemble for 28 the Musical(2023) directed by Daniele du Plessis. John has featured in the Showmax original Wyfie(2024).

Saskia Bormans (Martha Dunstock)

Saskia Bormans is in her Fourth Year of training at the Waterfront Theatre School. While at the college, she has had many various performance opportunities, more notably:

(Choreographic Competition, ‘Best Duet and Best Novice Choreographer’, 2024), (Finding the light, 2024), (You Never Know, ‘Irene’, 2024), (And The Winner is, 2023), (Oklahoma!, ‘Aunt Eller’, 2023) (Miscast, 2023) (Pinocchio, 2023) and (Pippin, ‘Berthe’, 2022)

Her other love is behind-the-scenes, she has directed, co-written and designed her own play (Ek, ouer, 2021/2022) which had two very successful runs. She has also designed the set for (Boddy at Tudor, 2023) and now has been given the opportunity to design the set for Heathers.

She is so excited to bring the set and her character, Martha to life!

Katey Measures (Mrs Flemming)

Katey Measures (Ms Fleming and Heather Mcnamara Cover) is a passionate performer and director. She is currently studying at the Waterfront Theatre School and is set to graduate by the end of 2024.

Her recent credits include the role of Robyn in the Saunders and Horn production of You Never Know (2024), the Ensemble of Miscast (2023) also by Saunders and Horn, and the Ensemble in the Abrahamse and Meyer’s production of Oklahoma! (2023). She has portrayed the role of Goody in the WTS Student production of Fame (2022) and performed as principal roles in the WTS annual One Act Play festival, earning her 2 Best Actress awards for her performances as Olivia in The Inexplicable Chaos Factor of Mia Gregory (2024) and Sam in A Road to Nowhere (2022). She was also a cast member of the WTS 30th Anniversary Cabaret (2022), directed by Garth Tavares.

In addition to her onstage achievements, Katey has showcased her directing skills with the debut of The Boddy at Tudor (2023), an original musical based on the board game Cluedo.

Ethan Dunk (Bill Sweeney)

Ethan Dunk is a born and bred  Durbanite who is Currently in his 3rd year of studying Musical Theatre here at The Waterfront theatre school.

He played King Charlemagne in Waterfront Theatre School’s: “Pippin”(principal) (2022) and Ike Skidmore(ensemble) in A & M Production’s: Oklahoma! (2023)

He looks forward to bringing life to the character of Ram Sweeney’s Father in the upcoming production of Heathers at the Artscape Arena.

Iain Webb (Paul Kelly)

Iain Webb is a 4th year musical theatre major at the Waterfront Theatre School. Over his career at Waterfront he has developed many skills within the industry; participating in the College’s one act play festival, choreographic competition and mid-year musical. Iain has also grown his skills in the Technical areas of theatre learning from the school’s previous theatre managers until ultimately taking over the role as Theatre Technician for the Galloway Theatre. Iain is beyond excited to be a part of this year’s production of Heathers the Musical.

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