Elevate Your Enterprise Summit 2023

Date: October 18 and 19, 2023
Venue: Workshop 17, Watershed, 17 Dock Rd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, 8002
Time: 7.30am until 3.30pm
Ticket prices: Tickets range from R100 – R1 400 for the two-day event.

Get your tickets here: https://www.pranary.com/elevate-your-enterprise

The trifecta of growth: Marketing, Technology and Investments – with “special emphasis on the revolutionary roles of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT” will be in focus at Elevate Your Enterprise Summit– taking place in Cape Town over two days – October 18 and 19, 2023. So get with the ChatGPT and AI and see how it can enhance your business. Power team of speakers- including Sandras Phiri, Geordin Hill-Lewis (mayor of Cape Town) and Chisala Tembo- an expert in digital lending. Sandras Phiri is the CEO and Founder of Pranary, “a practical business school for entrepreneurs” and is the host of Elevate Your Enterprise Summit. Read on for more. Info as supplied:

Elevate Your Enterprise Summit 2023: Championing growth through marketing, technology and investments

Cape Town is gearing up to host the transformative Elevate Your Enterprise Summit on the October 18 and 19, 2023. Spearheaded by Pranary, this premier event is designed to be a beacon of innovation, uniting global thought leaders, industry trailblazers, and ambitious entrepreneurs. The summit’s core focus will be on the trifecta of growth: Marketing, Technology, and Investments, with special emphasis on the revolutionary roles of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT.

In an era where businesses are constantly seeking avenues for expansion and differentiation, the Elevate Your Enterprise Summit emerges as a pivotal platform. Attendees will gain insights into harnessing the power of cutting-edge marketing strategies, leveraging AI and ChatGPT for operational efficiency, and securing investments that fuel sustainable growth.

Sandras Phiri, CEO of Pranary, shared his vision for the summit. He says: “The future of business lies at the intersection of marketing prowess, technological innovation, and strategic investments. At the Elevate Your Enterprise Summit, we aim to demystify these pillars, empowering businesses to not just navigate but thrive in this new era. With tools like AI and ChatGPT, we’re ushering in a paradigm shift in how businesses connect, operate, and scale.”

The two-day event promises a rich tapestry of enlightening keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Participants will engage with experts, uncover the latest trends in marketing, technology, and investment, and craft strategies to elevate their enterprises to global prominence.

Anticipation is high, with a diverse audience expected, ranging from marketing aficionados and tech enthusiasts to visionary investors and business magnates. The Elevate Your Enterprise Summit is poised to set the gold standard for business conferences, making it the unmissable event of the year.

About Pranary: 

Pranary stands as a beacon in the world of practical business education for entrepreneurs. With a mission to impart actionable knowledge, ignite innovation, and catalyse business growth, Pranary is shaping the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, today.

Bios of some of the speakers

Mayor of Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis:

Geordin Hill-Lewis is the mayor of Cape Town. He has been actively involved in the political landscape and has held various leadership roles. As the Mayor, he is dedicated to the development and progress of Cape Town, ensuring it remains one of the leading cities in Africa.

Raessa Gabriels, Founder of Level Finance:

Raessa Gabriels is the co-founder and CEO of Level Finance. Born in the small town of Riverlea, she has pioneered fintech solutions with a focus on financial wellness. Her platform, Level Finance, empowers employees to build wealth and manage their finances effectively. source

Lelemba Phiri, Investor at ATG Africa:

Lelemba Phiri is a prominent investor at ATG Africa. With a keen eye for potential and a vast knowledge of the African market, she has been instrumental in fostering growth and innovation across various sectors in the continent.

Sarah Dusek, Investor at Enygma Ventures USA:

Sarah Dusek is a seasoned investor at Enygma Ventures USA. Her expertise lies in identifying and nurturing startups, guiding them towards achieving their full potential in the global market.

Vinesh Maharaj, Sales Expert and Motivational Speaker:

Vinesh Maharaj is a renowned sales expert and motivational speaker. With a passion for driving sales growth and inspiring individuals, he has delivered impactful speeches and workshops across various platforms.

Chisala Tembo, Digital Lending:

Chisala Tembo is a key figure in the digital lending space. Leveraging technology, she has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the lending industry, making financial solutions more accessible to a broader audience.

Roger Norton, CTO OKhi:

Roger Norton is the Chief Technology Officer at OKhi. With a deep understanding of technology and its applications, he has been pivotal in driving growth and innovation at OKhi.

Evan Robinson, Founder TaxTim:

Evan Robinson is the founder of TaxTim, a platform designed to simplify tax-related processes. Through the use of technology, he has made tax management more efficient and user-friendly.

Daryn Munnik, Investor at Launch Africa:

Daryn Munnik is an investor at Launch Africa. His insights into the African market and investment strategies have played a crucial role in the growth and success of numerous startups in the region.

Evelyn Kaingu and Muchu Kaingu, of Lupiya:

Evelyn Kaingu and Muchu Kaingu are the co-founders of Lupiya, a fintech startup that has made significant strides in the financial landscape. Evelyn has been instrumental in steering Lupiya from strength to strength. Muchu Kaingu brings his technical expertise to the table, being the CTO at Lupiya. Together, this duo has embarked on a transformative journey with Lupiya, aiming to revolutionize financial services for the underserved. Lupiya recently raised $8million Series A investment. 

Sandras Phiri, CEO and Founder at Pranary:

Sandras Phiri is the CEO and Founder of Pranary, a practical business school for entrepreneurs. He has attended numerous global conferences, gaining insights that have propelled his business forward. Sandras has successfully harnessed digital marketing, technology, and investment to grow his ventures. His experiences from attending summits in places like Bali and Silicon Valley have significantly impacted his business approach.

✳ Sponsored content. Images supplied. Featured image – Sandras Phiri is the CEO and Founder of Pranary, “a practical business school for entrepreneurs” and is the host of Elevate Your Enterprise Summit.