On stage: The Little Mermaid, A Pantomime – is back by popular demand – family entertainment- for all ages- a fun adaption

What: The Little Mermaid, A Pantomime- for all ages
Where: The Playhouse, Somerset West
When: January 14 to 22, 2022
Tickets: R100-R120
Direct booking link: https://tickets.computicket.com/event/the_little_mermaid_a_pantomime/7175670  

Performance times:

Friday Jan 14 at 7.30pm
Saturday Jan 15 at 3pm and 7.30pm
Sunday Jan 16 at 3pm  
Thursday Jan 20 at 7.30pm
Friday Jan 21 at 7.30pm
Saturday Jan 22 at 3pm and 7.30pm  

The Little Mermaid, A Pantomime, ran for 15 performances in December 2021 and was sold to capacity – according to Covid lockdown seating regulations. Each house sold out and there were many disappointed people so Team Little Mermaid is bringing back the show. There are eight performances: January 14 to 22, 2022. Audiences were enthralled by the wacky costumes. It is a perennial story of aspiration, transformation, fantasy, hope and love and we can all relate and be swept away by this much treasured story which has been adapted and has delicious twists and surprises in the tail. Info as supplied:

The cast

Jess Matthews, with her fiery red locks plays, Ariel. Andrew Goldie plays her stern, but caring father, King Triton.  Ariel’s best friends Dory (Angelique Jonker) and Scuttle (Luke Botha) help her as she wrestles with important life decisions. Sebastian (Xavier Strydom) grapples with finding the balance between “being a friend and following the King’s orders.” Ariel is the youngest of nine daughters. That is a lot to contend with – in terms of pecking order so “It’s not surprising that her sisters have different ideas about what she should do with her life. These Mersisters, The Kingdom’s Jewels, are full of colour and sass, and will have you dancing in your seats with their incredible voices! Shelbey Armstrong (Ruby), Jessica Lee (Topaz), Kelly Holmes (Jade), Cath Goldie (Emerald), Amanda van Wyngaard (Aquamarine), Wilna Germishuys, (Sapphire, Mari Swanpoel (Amethyst) and Casey Holmes (Quartz). Ursula (Megan Grobbelaar) and her two sidekick Eels, You (Ninke Theron) and Me (Chloé le Roux) go out of their way to interfere with Ariel and try to steal her from King Triton. Will they succeed?

The story

All Ariel has ever wanted is to be on land, with humans, walking along and doing her thing/. When she sees Prince Eric (Caleb Vincent), she becomes infatuated and is willing to risk everything to be with him, but is that really what she wants in the end? Does she want to give up her family to be with a prince? 

This Panto has a kicker and twist in the tail

We all know how the story of The Little Mermaid goes, but do you know how THIS story ends? Hold onto your seats as we shake things up and bring you a story that will make you laugh, and maybe cry, as you become fully-immersed and part of our show. Be there to experience the magic of theatre. Spread the word and make sure you have your tickets for this wonderful FAMILY-FRIENDLY theatre experience! The cast and crew have been working hard and are looking forward to taking you into the magical world of life UNDER THE SEA.

Feisty: Jess Matthews plays Ariel in The Little Mermaid, A Pantomime, at The Playhouse, Somerset West; January 14 to 22 January 2022. Supplied.
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