Music alert: Looking for Amanda – Emma van Heyn’s mesmerising new track about elusive love

What: Looking for Amanda– song -written by Emma van Heyn

Music video: Emma van Heyn’s music video, co-directed with Allister Christie, stars van Heyn and Christopher Sherwood-Adcock and is being showcased on DSTV from October 1-7, 2021 on channel 150 at the Toyota US Woordfees TV. 

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Emma van Heyn’s solo show: Met Slenterslag na Shanghai will be on at Die Boer, Durbanville, on November 3, 2021.

South African singer and creative, Emma van Heyn has released her new song and music video, Looking for Amanda. Emma’s music video is being featured on DSTV, channel 150, from October 1- 7, 2021 as part of the Toyota US Woordfees.  More to follow on TheCapeRobyn, about the genesis of Looking for Amanda and how Emma was challenged to create the song, for now, here is a taster. Info as supplied.

“With a song like ‘Looking for Amanda’, Emma could capture the eccentric hearts of the East and West Village” – StageBiz, New York Emma van Heyn might have gotten herself in a sticky situation, but this does not hinder her from turning something bizarre into a musical art project. Since the age of six, Emma has written and composed music, later shifting her focus on music production and sound design. Bored and part-tormented during her year-long stay in a hotel room in Shanghai, she was approached by a fan, Moses Martinez from San Antonio to write a song with him. He sent her a guitar riff and a concept and so she took on this challenge in full stride. Drawing from a recent ordeal with a fifteen-year-old mega-stalker, van Heyn decided to write something from the troubled adolescent’s perspective.

Listen to Looking for Amanda HERE

 “Moses requested three things from me: To have a female name in the title; the landscape should be of the seaside; the narrative should be about a man that really wants to be with a woman, but her heart lies with someone else”, says Emma about Looking for Amanda. Challenge accepted. The definition of Amanda: Worthy of being loved. Drawing inspiration from personal experience, Emma says with a smirk on her face, “Why not make the man a creepy predator?” The creative process morphed into a true collaboration between artist and fans from far and wide. Through voice messages and virtual back and forth narratives, she wove an intricate web of storytelling through this Warhol-inspired musical art project. From the perspective of a stalker riddled with naïvety, pain, and lust, van Heyn’s track, Looking for Amanda, touches on the dire repercussions of sinful pursuits.

Something sparked in Emma’s career when she was invited as a guest performer at the KykNet Fiësta’s in 2020. She was nominated for Best Newcomer for her outstanding autobiographical one-woman show, ‘Met Slenterslag na Shanghai’. This show is based on her experience working as a residency musician in a brand new business development in Shanghai. 

‘Met Slenterslag na Shanghai’ is back again, at Die Boer on November 3. Click here, for tickets:

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