Review: Women on Top at Kalk Bay Theatre will put you in an upper frame of mind- with fab comedy cabaret

Women on Top at Kalk Bay Theatre – comedy cabaret
When: Thursdays to Saturdays – June 2022 – and beyond

Where: Followspot Kalk Bay Theatre at Brass Bell Restaurants & Pubs, Main Rd, Kalk Bay
Times: Women on Top is on8.15pm in week and 6.30pm on Saturdays. End date TBA. After Dark is at 8.15pm on Saturdays- until July 1, 2022

Tickets: R250 at via Quicket WhatsApp line: 066 205 5063 or-e-mail

Featuring: Vanessa Harris, Lucy Tops, Luella Holland, Ashley Scott, Bradley Searle, Steven Dennett and Gareth Christie Director: Ashley Searle

Musical director and sound: Ashley Searle
Lighting and costume design: Vanessa Harris
Choreography: Ashley Searle and Vanessa Harris  

Fancy an evening of laughter, with a yummy mix of music, laced with comedy? Check out Women on Top, the new comedy cabaret, at Kalk Bay Theatre, presented by team Followspot. I loved Women on Top. The play list is cool – medleys with snippets of songs; full songs, well known songs and songs that you may not know- more of that to follow. Keep reading about a deliciously madcap song- unless you don’t want to know about the song- in which case- you must skip that para and then it will be a surprise. I will give you a spoiler alert heads-up

Contrary to the title, Women on Top, which evokes a ‘naughty show’, Women on Top does not veer into the teasing sexy side of shows like Followspot’s After Dark -with its cirque, burlesque vibe, pole dancing, ooolala slipping-towel off men act. Okay, Women on Top, has a teensy bit of naughty. For those peeps who find risqué too much, Women on The Top is not likely to offend – unless you have no sense of humour and get freaked out by the notion of ‘swearing’ or any allusion to ‘sexy’ and ‘sex’.  Vanessa Harris, tells us at the start, that the men have dominated way too many gigs at the KBT. They have hosted Man Band editions 1-69. It is enough. For this show, the women are the on top – of the stage- at the mic- and the men are behind- accompanying them- with their instruments (couldn’t resist that). By the way, After Dark is still on – in the 8.15pm slot on Saturdays. The show has been on for months and keeps selling out. After Dark ends Saturday July 1, 8.15pm. In terms of selling out – Women on Top and After Dark are sold out for this weekend – Saturday June 11, 2022. Book for next weekend.

Women on Top is is in the main, a comedy cabaret, led by song, although Bradley Searle does a little break dance number, during the audience participation set. This dude is a helluva dancer and it is great to see his little cameo when he does a masterclass with the man ‘volunteers’. They are hauled on to stage, from the front row by the gals. Men people: If you don’t want to ‘volunteer’, don’t sit in the front row. It is like stand-up comedy. Fair play if you are in the front row. The men volunteers had a jol and nailed the hand actions, as taught by Brad Seale.

Women on Top is for me ground-breaking show in terms of Followspot Kalk Bay comedy cabaret shows. The team has upped its game in terms of production – lighting, design and staging.  It makes a huge difference to have a live band for most of the show, rather than backing tracks. The comedic thrust in this show is terrific with the addition of a sizzler of a comedy song. This is the plot spoiler para. Skip it, if you want to go to see Women on Top, without knowing more. The song: I Drank Too Much. It sounds like a made-up song but is a comedic song by Flo and Jo- aka Rosie and Nicola Dempsey- a London based comedy duo- known for its comedy songs. Google it and chortle at the lyrics and then you can sing along. Sit at this beautiful theatre, perched on the ocean in the fishing village of Kalk Bay and revel in the silly, hilarious song, delivered with sheer delight by the cast.  I felt drunk with laughter.  It’s a hilarious song. Women on Top is a riotous evening of song and comedic interplay.

Throughout Women on Top, the banter is terrific, between the women. They take the Mickey out of the blokes- on stage –and Ash Searle – off stage – in the light and sound cubicle. Vanessa Harris has been honing her comedic shtick for a while and she is getting better and better with her timing. She canoodles with the audience for chit-chat ala stand-up comedy mode: “What’s your name. What do you do? Oohh big feet – size 17.”  Again, don’t sit in the front row, if you don’t want to be part of the party. Luella Holland is in fine form with her cracks and whip-fast quips. Lots of fun is had with the two Lu women – Lucy Tops and Luella Holland. Ashley Scott as the youngster holds her own with her sultry vocals. In Women On Top, the team pulls together a ripper of a comedy cabaret show which is all round fun. Don’t miss. The vibe at the KBT is intoxicating. I didn’t even have a sip of vino – as they croon in the song, I Drank Too Much. I got high on the song, comedy and energy of Women on Top. Fabulous entertainment.

On ya feet: An appreciative audience, on its feet at Kalk Bay Theatre, at Women On Top– comedy cabaret. Pic: © TheCapeRobyn/Robyn Cohen

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