TheCapeRobyn Freebies, last-minute deals and special offers – Win – Go While You Can

Freebies is back! Yippee! The Love of winning here on TheCapeRobyn

The Freebie Lady or The Freebie Queen: Robyn Cohen is often referred to as the Freebies Person/Lady/Queen, on account of her popular column Robyn Cohen’s Freebies which ran in The Cape Times for many, many years.  Freebies lives on – here on this magazine website- TheCapeRobyn Freebies.

Please check in to this tab, regularly and you may get lucky. The nub of the column in the newspaper was that freebies could not be offered on a conditional basis. This is what made the column so popular. The same applies to TheCapeRobyn Freebies. If tickets are up for up for grabs; then they are up for grabs. Unlike most other online competitions, with TheCapeRobyn Freebies we don’t ask you to follow/like a page; tag three friends and share the post at least six and a half times. That is too much work. It is also contrary to competition rules in South Africa. TheCapeRobyn Freebies are unconditional. It is like true love – which should be unconditional. You should not have to instruct the one that you love: “I will hug you but you must give me three hugs back, in order to qualify for the hug that is on offer.”

Special offers and promotions are a different story. Buy one; get one free is a Special Offer. In order to get the free ticket, you need to buy one. That is not a Freebie.  But, still, in order to qualify for Special Offers on this magazine website, you will not be asked to share, tag 69 people, follow everyone that the promoter is following (yeah, that one is hectic, c’mon!) ; plus it’s ghosts and VIPs and what-what.

Winning -and partaking of special offers- should be stress free and fun.

Check in here and get lucky. Be in it to win it and remember TheCapeRobyn motto: Go While You Can.

 TheCapeRobyn Freebies, promotions, special offers – T&Cs

TheCapeRobyn is not involved with selection of winners. Promoters/producers of events or vendors of services or products have their own selection process in place to ensure that winners are selected in a randomised draw. Competitions in South Africa need to comply with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) requirements in section 36 and Regulation 11.

In line with the regulations in South Africa, we must note that no purchase is necessary to enter a draw for TheCapeRobyn Freebies. Entrance into prize draws is free. It is not required that you share a post or tag people on social media in order to qualify to enter TheCapeRobyn Freebies.

There are no conditions attached to TheCapeRobyn Freebies. For instance you cannot be asked to buy two tickets in order to win two more tickets. That is a special offer/promotion and is a different category – and does not fall under the ambit of TheCapeRobyn Freebies. One entry per person is allowed for TheCapeRobyn Freebies. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash and may not be sold. If you sell or attempt to sell prizes that you have won, TheCapeRobyn reserves the right to put your name on a ban list which will be given to operators who are running competitions on this site. This will lead to being disqualified from participating in TheCapeRobyn Freebies.